Welcome to this place of peace. A place of rest and support when you need it. A place of honouring the transition you are undergoing. I support people to come back to themselves at a deeper level through the transitions in their lives – such as grief, divorce, new relationship, new step child relationship, new to parenthood, relocation, teenagers moving out of home, new job, mid-life change in priorities and grief of what has gone both the grief from the ‘living losses’ such as ending of a relationship and grief from death..

I offer a confidential, gentle and safe space to look at questions about your life and explore what is on your mind. In exploring with me you will begin to open up to the much bigger picture of the journey that you are on, and reconnect with the deeper needs of your souls journey. I work with the journey of the soul, the ‘inner work’ of our lives, facilitating a deeper awareness of why this is happening and for what purpose in your life. In finding a deeper connection with yourself this ultimately leads to more peace.

I am a ‘Divorce Doula‘ helping women in the aftermath of ‘divorce survival and logistical practicalities’. A time after things have come into some outer balance when there is breathing room to look around at the aftermath. At this time there can feel a void, in this ‘fertile void’ there is immense potential. Often we feel alone and exhausted at this point, lost. There is then potential for a loving relationship with yourself, a place of inner wisdom and a resource. This is the time to uncover the gifts and wisdom that have gathered within after years of challenge.

I support to parents who are struggling with their children, or teenager. It is work that enables parents to communicate with their children by empowering them to be the loving parents they have always wanted to be. I do not work directly with children but with the parent, empowering them to connect with their child.

I believe that we all crave meaning, purpose and a feeling of wholeness or completeness to our lives, specific to each and every one of us. This link to ourselves can get ‘clogged up’ and sometimes we need someone to guide us back to our own sense of our souls journey and self.

I am a psychosynthesis counsellor. I work long term, in-depth with clients. As the name suggests, the aim of this model of psychology is to enable a person to move closer to a healthy ‘synthesis’ or balanced integration of all aspects of their being: body, feelings and mind and parts of themselves that have been rejected or abandoned. It is a remembering of how to live authentically from ones truth.

I look forward to meeting with you,